Vinca Cora®

Thrives in heat and performs better than other vinca

Common vinca, also known as periwinkle, is a longtime garden favorite but very susceptible to “sudden death” in hot, humid climates. Plant breeders finally found a cure: Cora vinca significantly improves the plant’s performance and durability. It’s more disease resistant, has better heat and drought tolerance, and stays in color longer. 

Cora actually thrives in heat and humidity – this vinca can survive all types of climate stress, including seasonal rain and cold snaps in fall. Cora is super easy to grow, produces tons of gorgeous blooms, and lasts until frost. Plant it in containers or in the garden – it’s also useful as a border or ground cover – just be sure Cora gets lots of sun and has good drainage. 

Note: Cora is an upright vinca, and Cora Cascade is the trailing/spreading type. 

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