Worry-free color for sun or shade, rain or shine

With the rapid decline of common seed impatiens, SunPatiens might be the perfect solution for flowerbeds. Known for extraordinary outdoor performance, SunPatiens thrives in full sun and shady spots! 

The SunPatiens series is a cross between a New Guinea and a wild impatiens, resulting in a dense, bushy plant with brilliant flowers that last until frost. Disease and pest resistant, SunPatiens requires almost zero care – there’s no need to remove dead flowers, and pruning only becomes necessary if plants grow too tall or “stretch.”

Another big advantage with SunPatiens is size – they grow so fast and large that fewer plants are needed to fill a flowerbed. The key to success with SunPatiens is plenty of water, and a few inches of mulch will help keep moisture in and weeds out. 

Hot Sheet (doc) (pdf) • single page content for sharing and training

Bench Card (pdf) • print actual size on 8.5" x 11" stock for best results