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Senetti® hybrid pericallis

Beautiful, bold color for early spring

Early spring color is often an unexplored area for many home gardeners. For those who want to liven up their gardens and patios before the “official” frost-free dates of spring, the Senetti® collection is a cool-season superstar!

A supplement to traditional early favorites like pansies and snapdragons, Senetti is a re-blooming pericallis hybrid with large daisy-like flowers and attractive foliage. Striking colors (magentas, blues, violets and pinks in solids and bicolors with white) make this an exciting addition to patio containers and the landscape.

For best results, plant Senetti in part-sun or shady spots when temperatures are between 35 and 50 degrees. After plants stop flowering in summer, prune well for a repeat performance in fall.

Watering is important to Senetti's health. When temps are cool, wait until soil is dry to the touch before watering. In warmer weather, be careful not to let soil dry completely. In containers, use potting medium with good drainage.

Hot Sheet (doc) (pdf) • single page content for sharing and training

Bench Card (pdf) • print actual size on 8.5" x 11" stock for best results