Also see the Mighty 'Mato® website for more info, including specific varieties.

Mighty 'Mato™

Grafted tomato plants that yield more fruit 

Like superheroes, Mighty ’Mato grafted tomatoes are stronger, faster, and able to fend off foes better than regular tomato plants! Mighty 'Matos have a strong rootstock grafted with an heirloom or hybrid variety ‘top’ – the result is a super-strong plant that produces a bumper crop of large, great-tasting tomatoes, up to 3 weeks earlier than non-grafted plants.

Grafting joins the top (scion) of one plant to the rootstock of another plant. As their tissues heal, the plants fuse into one super-plant that combines the rootstock’s vigor and disease resistance with the scion’s exceptional fruit quality. The graft must stay above soil level, and lateral suckers should be pruned for best fruiting.

Mighty ’Mato goes above and beyond, defending against pests, diseases, temperature extremes and poor soils, all while producing abundant harvests of tasty tomatoes.

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