Hybrid Caladium

For sun and shade applications

Long-time favorites under trees and in other deeply shaded areas, some new hybrid caladium varieties can be planted in shade OR full sun! To know which caladium variety to choose, check plant tags before purchasing.

Caladium’s showy foliage adds unique texture, height, and color to mixed patio containers. Be sure to combine them with plants that have similar light and water needs. Caladiums also perform well in the landscape, especially as a border or a backdrop for shorter garden annuals.

Caladiums love heat, so early spring planting is not a good idea – wait for warmer weather. Another growing tip is to avoid overwatering or planting in soggy areas, and remember that caladiums in shade will need less water than those in sun.

Hot Sheet (doc) (pdf) • single page content for sharing and training

Bench Card (pdf) • print actual size on 8.5" x 11" stock for best results