Begonia Dragon Wing®

Super color for sun or shade

Dragon Wing begonias are high-performance plants boasting loose clusters of exotic, bell-like blooms (red or pink) framed by glossy, wing-shaped leaves. These large, bold beauties are virtually carefree – they tolerate heat and humidity, and grow like crazy almost anywhere. 

Plant Dragon Wing in containers, baskets, and flower beds – and leave plenty of room for growth. Feed every other week with a balanced fertilizer and you’ll be rewarded with tons of beautiful color. Dragon Wing combines well with other shade or partial shade varieties, and it tolerates full sun. 

Dragon Wing begonias are easy to grow, and they fill in fast to form lush garden beds that last until frost. Even inexperienced gardeners can have success with Dragon Wing!

Hot Sheet (doc) (pdf) • single page content for sharing and training

Bench Card (pdf) • print actual size on 8.5" x 11" stock for best results