Begonia BIG™

The begonia with BIG benefits

Begonia Big is the bigger, better begonia! It thrives in a wide range of climates and soils, performing in full sun, full shade, and all points in between. Big’s blooms are huge, up to 3 times larger than traditional wax begonias. Spent flowers will fall off the plant, so no deadheading is needed. 

Big is perfect for both patio containers and garden beds – just remember to space the bedded plants further apart than usual, about 15 inches. Plants will reach their maximum size in warmer climates with high moisture levels. If planted in an area with good drainage, Big will thrive and become huge! 

Plants grown in full sun will develop a deeper foliage color; bronze leaf types will be a deeper bronze color while green leaf types will have a reddish-bronze margin around the leaf edges. To keep begonias looking good, water early or late in the day and avoid wetting the foliage.

Hot Sheet (doc) (pdf) • single page content for sharing and training

Bench Card (Sunbelt  pdf) • print actual size on 8.5" x 11" stock for best results