All About COLOR™ is a marketing program created specifically for independent garden centers that purchase products from Wenke Greenhouses and/or Sunbelt Greenhouses.

I have a question that I don't see below. How can I get an answer?  Please contact us. We may even add your question here!

What is an End Cap Plant?   At Wenke and Sunbelt Greenhouses, End Cap Plants are products selected for retail profitability and consumer success. As the grower, WenkeSunbelt supports these End Cap Plants with additional production and marketing support, such as this website.

Who may use the resources on this website?  This website is for the use of WenkeSunbelt customers.

If I am a WenkeSunbelt customer, may I change or customize the Hot Sheets?  Yes, we encourage you to customize our Hot Sheets to fit your needs.

Will the Bench Cards print on any desktop printer?  Yes, but color output will vary according to printer capabilities. Print the Bench Cards at 100% or actual size using Landscape orientation. You might see a warning that the image is too large for your printer's designated "safe" area, but it will be okay to print. We recommend GrowTech Solutions as a supplier for printers and horticulture-friendly substrates. 

I can't open the Bench Cards or other .pdf files. Why not?  You need a .pdf reader. Download Adobe Reader for free here.

I'm not a current WenkeSunbelt customer. How do I become one? If your store is located in IL, IN, IA, KY, KS, MI, MO, NE, OH, TN or WI, you would be serviced by Wenke Greenhouses in Kalamazoo, Michigan. For locations in AL, FL, GA, NC and SC, you would be serviced by Sunbelt Greenhouses in Douglas, Georgia.